Clothes iron

Clothes iron

Feature packed clothes iron with four steam modes. Selection for steam intensity, shot-steam and temperature. With the help of a special resin filter, it softens the water and prevents liming of the plate. Also included an anti-drip system and a self-cleaning feature.

IRN-001 will shutdown automatically after 30 seconds in horizontal position if no movement deducted (to avoid burning or damage the texture), it will also shutdown automatically after 8 minutes in vertical position if no movement deducted (for safety and to save energy), this feature will be canceled automatically when the iron is moved again (no need to turn it on).

• Anti-liming and drip
• Selection for steam intensity, shot-steam and temperature
• Automatic shutdown
• Self-cleaning


Package contains: Clothes iron, fill cup and manual

Weight: 968g

Dimensions seen from behind (WxDxH): 114x280x140mm


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